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The project

Tecteco is a cibersecurity Startup based in Madrid that developed a solution, the first subscription WiFi security service that allows you to manage and configure the security of a WiFi network easily, simply and without technical knowledge

The Need

  • ✅ Design a user-friendly interface that facilitates the use of a cybersecurity tool for a non-technical audience.
  • ✅ Design the interface to prioritize the content and features that support the user's primary goals.
  • ✅ Design a consistent and reliable brand image through the use of language, imagery, and messaging to instill trust in the user.

The methodology

I led the redesign of the software through a comprehensive process, comprising of user research, conceptual design, information architecture, and interaction design. I collaborated closely with the the CTO and the development team to ensure a seamless and efficient redesign. The project spanned 4 months, from the initial briefing to the final two deliveries.

The redesign


Wifi User Panel


Wifi User Panel

Unfortunately, I cannot share this project at the moment due to its sensitive nature being related to DNA. However, I would be more than happy to provide you with additional information.

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Sucess cases

Electric mobility area

Boost the experience of e-drivers searching and charging their vehicles

Product Design UX UI B2C

Software marketing

Enhance agencies to improve their performance

Product Design UX UI B2B

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What think people that I am working with

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Lucia Morancho


"Jon makes an impact, thanks to design, in any project in which he collaborates. His systematic way of working and creativity enhanced the quality of our products"

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Pilar Ramirez


"Agile, effective, orderly and focused on customer needs. If you need someone organized, it's him."

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Jorge Gonzalez


"Jon lives his work with passion. He gets involved in each project 100%. In addition, he is very creative but at the same time he is very decisive. He is able to close with agility and pragmatism the projects."

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Leire Ruiz de Azua


"It has been an unbeatable experience. We were presented with the challenge of being able to transfer complex concepts to a large number of users. Jon has help us to simplify the experience."